Peer Reviewers & Resource Contributors

Peer Reviewers & Resource Contributors


One of the goals of Failures Wiki is to involve practitioners in providing case study examples and conducting peer reviews of the various posted articles. As many of the initial cases were contributed by students, a number of practitioners also provided detailed information to the student authors on specific cases and in some cases contributed original photographs and investigation reports eitiher to the students or to the site administrator for information checking purposes.

In some cases, where significant modification and additional information is warranted or desired, peer reviewers (with their permission) have been added as contributors to the wiki cases.

Failures Wiki wishes to acknowledge the following individuals who helped get the site up and running by providing their time and talents to this endeavor by serving as peer reviewers or providing detailed information and/or original investigaiton reports:

  • Glenn Bell, P.E. - Simpson Gumpertz & Heger (SGH)
  • Wayne Lischka, P.E. - Wayne G. Lishka Architectural Engineer
  • David Peraza, P.E. - Exponent, Inc.
  • Gary Wentzel, P.E. - Wiss Janney Elstner (WJE)

This recognition list was started in February of 2011. If you worked direct with a student or other contributor on the original wiki case articles or provided information used in these wiki cases and wish to be acknowledged on these pages, please send an email to the site administrator.