System Failures & Categories of Failures
"One Man's Ceiling is Another Man's Floor."(Song Title)Paul Simon

This page features a variety of failure examples generally classified as Architectural and Structural System Failures, Categories of Failures based on construction types, framing systems, common failure modes and material failures.

Blast and Explosion Effects

Concrete Protection & Rehabilitation

  • Repairing Historic Concrete

Construction Operations and Temporary Structures for Construction

Construction - Temporary Works

  • John Hancock Center (Chicago) Scaffold Collapse (2002) - Available
  • Scaffold Collapses - Lessons Learned
  • Texas A&M Bonfire Collapse Tragedy (1999)
  • 4 Times Square Scaffold Collapse (Conde Nast Tower) - (1998) - Available for Case Study Contribution
  • Willow Island Cooling Tower (1978) - Available for Case Study Contribution
  • Tropicana Casino Parking Garage (2003) - Wiki 10

Deck and Railing Collapses and Failures

Earthquake Design Techniques to Limit Failures & Damage

  • Performance-based design

Failure Trends & Common Failure Types by Framing Systems

  • Trends in the Failure of Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses
  • Common Failure Modes in Manufactured Metal Buildings
  • Precast Garages and Builidng Structures
  • Common Residential Framing Failures

Green Building Design & Construction

Interior Architectural Systems and Finishes

  • Chinese Drywall in Residential Construction - Pending completion of this system failure case, consumers may want to refer to the latest US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) information posted relative to Chinese Drywall Failures in residential construction.
  • Nail Pops in Drywall
  • Available

MEP System & Component Failures

Suspended Ceilings


  • Thermal Bridging - Steel Framing and Envelopes - Common Problems and Solutions Starter Research Article - AISC
  • Thermal Bridging - Concrete Framing - Common Problems and Solutions

Weld Defects in Buildings and Infrastructure

  • Common Welding Defects
  • Rebar Weld Problems

Wood Framing Systems