Failures in the News

While catastrophic failures are a relatively rare event, partial collapses and performance failures occur on a regular basis throughout the world. This page contains short descriptions and links to selective examples of failures and that are recent occurrances or have caught the attention of the engineering press or general public.

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News from 2009


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    Tenth Anniversary of the Texax A & M Bonfire Collapse - November 18, 1999: An Aggie tradition that extended back to 1909 ends in tragedy when a "supersized" log bonfire stack collapses during construction killing 12 and injuring numerous others.
  • See also this AP retrospect article with photos that provide a feeling for the magnitude and size of the bonfire structure.

  • SF Bay Bridge - Repair of the Repairs (The Famous Bay Bridge Crack). This article provides an assessment and discussion of the problem, original repair, and follow up repair by an individual not involved in the project. It includes a number of photographs that have been annotated to help the reader understand the problem and repair details.
  • See also the official CALTRANS website (Bay Bridge Info) devoted to the bridge expansion and repair project.