303 E 51st Street Tower Crane Failure
New York City, NY - March 15, 2008
Sean H Felton, BAE, Penn State 2013


In the early afternoon (around 12:30 P.M.) on March 15, 2008, the tower crane at 303 E 51st street fell backwards, causing damage to buildings as far as two blocks away and killing 7 people in crowded Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Subsequent investigations led to indictments of several people, including the project owner, the contractor, the crane owner, the crane rigger, and a DOB inspector on counts of manslaughter, negligence, and fraud. Additionally, OSHA fined the construction team over $300,000 for other safety violations on the job site. While this project helped expose corruption within NYC DOB, however, the collapse originated from the failure of nylon straps that were temporarily supporting a piece of the crane's lateral stabilization system while it was being shored to the building.

The Crane


Investigation & Cause of Failure


Other Tower Crane Collapses



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